Halogen Headlights for 1965-68 Mustangs

Upgrade to halogen headlights on your 1965-68 ‪#‎Mustang‬ with M 13007D, just $15.10 each now in stock at Larry’s.


Convertible Visor Brackets for 1965-66 Mustang

Summer’s coming – get your Mustang convertible ready with M 04144A convertible visor brackets for 1965-66 models. Just $85.63 for the pair, now in stock!


Front disc brake pad set for 1965-67 Mustang

Does your 1965-67 Mustang need a front brake job with spring here? Check out Larry’s M 2001D front disc brake pad set, just $29.95 now in stock.


Heater Seal Kit for 1965-68 Mustang

Make sure that heater gets you all the warmth you deserve with Larry’s M 18455A heater seal kit for 1965-68 Mustangs. A must in chilly climates!

Signal Sequencer for 1965-66 Mustang

Repair the signal sequencer on your 1965-66 Mustang with our M 13367A kit – includes everything you need, now in stock at Larry’s.


Better sound for your 1965-66 Mustang

Get better sound for your 1965-66 Mustang with MRD DVC 1001UP, our 140-watt replacement dash speaker. Just $50.45 now in stock at Larry’s.

Fuel Sender for 1965-68 Mustangs On Sale

Get our M 9275A Fuel Sender (without warning) for 1965-68 Mustangs on sale now for just $26.75 (regularly price: $39.95). Now through Jan. 25, 2016. Click the link here now to save!

Broken Turn Signals in Your Mustang?

Nothing worse than broken turn signals! Fix it in your 1965-66 Mustang with Larry’s part no. 13341B (for use on alternator-equipped vehicles). Click here to learn more.

Sound System for your 1965-66 Mustang

Dramatically upgrade the sound system in your 1965-66 Ford Mustang with a Retrosound radio from Larry’s. This one is MRD 65C, with a chrome face.

Emblem Kit for 1965-66 Mustangs with 289s

Do you have a 1965 or ’66 Mustang with a 289? Here’s your Emblem Kit – Larry’s Part no. M 16099EK, in stock now! Click here to learn more.