TUK 55BK Upholstery Kit, Black And White


Ford Thunderbird 1955


Upholstery Kit Black & White For 1955 Ford Thunderbird

When you are ready to redo the upholstery in your Thunderbird, it is always best to buy items at the same time to ensure dye lot consistency in vinyls and carpets. Your time is also a valuable commodity these days. Each trip to the phone or store to order more parts means more down time. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time working on your car? Try our Complete Upholstery Kit to save time, money and the inevitable forgetting something that I needed syndrome!

Larry’s Complete Upholstery Kits Include the Following:

✓ Seat Covers
✓ Backrest Cardboard
✓ Backrest Wings
✓ Backrest Booties
✓ Door Panels
✓ Kick Panels
✓ Quarter Panel Cardboard
✓ Windlace
✓ Arm Rest Covers
✓ Garnish Rail Covers
✓ Door Panel Beading
✓ Vinyl Floor Covers
✓ Dash Cover (’55 & 56 only)
✓ Drop Curtain
✓ Carpet with Jute Padding