Get your Clock Rebuilt by Larry’s!

Larry’s offers a great clock rebuild service for very affordable rates. They include core charges which are refunded when you provide us with a rebuildable core. Here’s a 1960 Thunderbird clock assembly for just $105.95 plus $100 core fee. Get your clock back into action with Larry’s!

Temperature Gauge Sender for 1958-61 Thunderbirds

Replace the temperature gauge sender on your 1958-61 Thunderbird with B 10884A, just $12.75 in stock now at Larry’s.


Must-have book for 1955-66 Thunderbird Owners

For owners of 1955-66 Thunderbirds, this is a must-have book, packed with great information on the cars we love so much.


Fender Ornament for 1960 Thunderbird

Freshen up your fender ornament on your 1960 Thunderbird with B 16178A – just $65 each in stock now at Larry’s.


Rebuilt wiper motor for 1958-60 Thunderbird

Wipers on the blink in your 1958-60 Big Bird? Get ’em going before spring showers hit hard with B 17508B, our rebuilt wiper motor for just $125 (plus $125 refundable core fee).


Turn Signal Switch for 1958-60 Thunderbird

Fix your 1958-60 Thunderbird turn signal! Here’s the part you need: B 13341A, available now from Larry’s for $99.95.


65 amp conversion for 1958-63 Thunderbird

Convert your 1958-63 Thunderbird to 65 amps with Larry’s B 10346AK alternator conversion kit. In stock now, order today for better performance.


Get That Heater Working

Get the heater working in your 1958-60 Thunderbird with part no. B 18476D – Heater Core (Original). In stock now at Larry’s!



Factory-Quality Interior Replacement Parts

Larry’s specializes in manufacturing the world’s highest-quality interior replacement parts. Our craftsmen in Corona work every day to create factory-quality interior components that you will be proud to install. Here’s one example: BTK B60RD, a red 1960 Thunderbird upholstery trim kit. As good as the original, if not better. Search “BTK” for other Big Bird interior components now.

Replace the U-Joints on your 1958-60 Thunderbird

When was the last time you replace the U-joints on your 1958-60 Thunderbird? Never? Check out part no. B 4635E from Larry’s – it fits both front and rear. Replace now before you really need it!