Must-have book for 1955-66 Thunderbird Owners

For owners of 1955-66 Thunderbirds, this is a must-have book, packed with great information on the cars we love so much.


Backup lamp switch for 1955-57 Thunderbird

Make sure your backup lamp is working on your Little Bird with our T 15520 backup lamp switch for 1955-57 Thunderbird. In stock now at just $29.90.


Mid Carpet for 1955 Thunderbird

Just added to the site, a new line of TMC “Mid Carpets” that install just behind the seats for your 1955-57 Thunderbird. Here is TMC 55RD, for a 1955 in Red. Search “TMC” at our site to see the entire line!



Rebuilt Clock Assembly for 1956 Thunderbird

Just added to the site: T 18374B Rebuilt 12-volt Clock Assembly for your 1956 Thunderbird (Plus $150 Core). Also available: 6-Volt for 1955 (T 18374A) and 12-volt for 1957 (T 18374C).


Fastening hardware for 1955-57 Thunderbirds

Restoring a 1955-57 Thunderbird? Put it back together with quality hardware and fasteners. At Larry’s, we have dozens of fastener kits for your Little Bird project. Click this link to check out everything we carry.



Body Rubber Kit for 1955 Thunderbird

Get your 1955 Thunderbird weather-tight before spring showers with T 21000AK – our body rubber kit, just $189.06 and in stock now at Larry’s.

Decal Kit for 1955 Thunderbird

If you’re restoring a 1955 Thunderbird, make the job complete with our TDK 55 decal set. It’s got everything you need and it’s just $11.51 now at our site.

Rubber Floor Mats for your Little Bird

Winter is a great time to go with rubber floor mats in your Little Bird – search T 13106 to see our complete range of 1955-57 Thunderbird rubber floor mats. Here’s T 13016A, black, for all three years.



Our Best Little Bird Radiator

Our best radiator for 1955-57 Thunderbirds – a four-row optima model for best performance. Add one to your cooling system when it’s time for a refresh – you’ll be glad you did.